Important Facts

Some Must Know Facts For Your Dream Home or Commercial Environment

  • Always Have A Complete Plan. When you have a complete plan of what you want you can organise schedules for every phase of your design avoiding that way, conflicts of installation and misplacements.
  • A Complete Floor Plan Is Always A Very Good Start. A floor plan allows you to be sure that the spaces are ok for your needs. You’ll know if your furniture is sized properly and will know precisely that the space will not be overly crowded.
  • Colours Are A Very Delicate Issue. Liking a colour is not always the right start. Colours tend to bring your mood up or down depending on the individual and a combination of colours can be very tricky. A professional advice can make your mornings more pleasant and your evenings more relaxing.
  • Styles Change. Styles are not only what is in the ambience, it is the structure as well and a very important part of the project in making sure you are keeping it in harmony with your main structure.
  • Every Body Shall Know. It is very important to make all decisions with your partner that way you’ll avoid having things done twice or having things one person likes but not the other.
  • Art. Even though art is a very personal thing, having a professional advice of the art you are getting could be a nice addition to your project. A good piece of art will constantly cheer your spirit. Once your ideal piece of art has been chosen, all you need is to make sure it has been placed correctly, has been well lit and dimensioned properly in the right ambience.
  • Accessories. Accessories are a very delicate step. They are going to be your most important complement for your design. Having a good selection of accessories is almost as important as the entire project itself. It will be your final touch and it needs to be the right touch! So always go slow with each piece so that way you’ll avoid extra expenses and your project will end successfully.


What Does Memory Louw Interiors Have To Offer?

At Memory Louw Interiors you’ll find a very friendly professional firm with more than 15 years of mouth-watering creations and experience ready to help your dreams come true.

We are ready to provide you the most desirable interior decorating dream with a complete turnkey package. At MLI we consider every aspect of the interior design and decorating of your home or commercial projects taking into account everything from the entrance to even the smallest detail to ensure that the visitors enjoy a special first impression.

Panelling, lighting, the latest designs, furniture and various decorating concepts are used to weave just the right atmosphere and comfort throughout your home. Our interior designers and Decorators will ensure that your ideas and suggestions are incorporated throughout and both design and services are in line with your budget expectations.

We’ll bring your dream house or office to reality. We’ll do it right for you and most importantly we’ll be with you even after everything is finished. We’ll still be giving you all the support and professional advice you’ll ever need. You won’t ever have to have doubts of anything you want for your house or office and most importantly you won’t need to go hunting for a decorator anymore.

You’ll know Memory Louw Interiors is there for you and you’ll never worry about paying high fees for consultation anymore because here in MLI we know how important it is to make your place beautiful and we will help you to achieve that with no extra charges for you at all and we guarantee it.