Roman Blinds

Roman blind advantages:

  •  A variety of eye-catching designs
  •  It is versatile:    from being transparent with standard light filtering shades to total blackout window covers.   It have the ability to furnish and protect any home area as they are attractive in look,  effective in filtering or blocking light,  and provide privacy.
  •  It can be manually chain operated or remotely motorised operated
  •  Protects your home from harsh sunlight / cold winters – making it an excellent   energy efficiency enhancer
  • Inside or outside recess mounting
  • Custom made to measure

The uncomplicatedness of the construction of these awesome window coverings, adds to their appeal as they are made up of a top head rail made of resistant metal profile which houses the manual chain operated / remote control system, a fabric section and a fabric backing called lining.  

The lining can have standard light filtering properties or be total blackout which acts as a protection of the design fabric, and energy efficiency enhancer.  The roman blind also have pockets for stiffening rods to ensure neat folds when the shade is raised and a flat hanging blind when they are lowered.

As far as design is concerned, there is no boundary concerning the overall appearance of our made to measure roman blinds.  This is where the wow factor comes in as from striped to floral, plain to pattern, geometrically inspired shapes to theme inspired designs are available. In order to appeal to all tastes and budgets, we strive to bring forth beautiful roman blinds which are of high quality and made to measure.